IGC 2012

This year Allen participated in IGC 2012 that was held in Chicago. These pieces are samples of the name tags and schedule that I came up with.


Gardening Cards

Last year we decided to come out with some card decks for rose gardening, veggie and herb gardening, and bulb gardening. I designed the look of the entire package and was even asked to do the little photoshoot setup. These were broken down by region and type and are also color coded per season. Also, the veggies and herbs deck had recipes for each card so you could cook up some good homemade foods. These are available at almost every bookstore or online.

Tale Of Two Farms

Every year P. Allen Smith hosts a party called the Tale of Two Farms. There are usually about 150 people that show up and enjoy some good food, good music, and an engaging tour of his house and gardens. I usually design the menu’s, name badges, table signage, banners, and whatever else that needs to be put together. Here are two ideas I came up with for the menu. The menu with the twine holding the silverware and napkin is what they ended up using. I really enjoy the projects that you have to think about function along with visual aesthetics.

Blueberry Packaging and Fertilizer Packaging

Here are some packaging designs I did not too long ago. The Berry Family of Nurseries needed a carrier for their blueberry two packs. I did a version for raspberries, figs, grapes, and blackberries. The other packaging was for Jobe’s Organics fruit and berries fertilizer. You can buy the berries at Kroger, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other participating stores.

Hot Springs

So I finally made it to Hot Springs to catch a few films during the festival. Hot Spring has some of the best old architecture around here. The town is small but the warm feeling you get when you are there is huge. The festival was hosted by the Arlington hotel, this hotel was the hot spot for mobsters and celebrities. Al Capone even rented out the entire top floor when he came to town.  After walking around town through bathhouse row, my brother and I hit up the promenade and then drove up the windy road to the overlook tower. Some of the shots look like we are flying through the trees but really we were only doing about 20 in his little Fiat 500. It was a great day of movies, food, and road trippin’ through nature. You’ll also see me cheesing in on of the photos, I was standing next to the smaller version of the poster I designed for the festival. I love how someone clumped the other posters together then put mine all by itself under the “what if” It was a good day and a good time.

Self Promotion

The ad that I put in the HSDFF playbill…self promotion 🙂

Holiday Collection at Lowe’s


It is a great feeling when you see your work in public. This was a banner I created for the Holiday Collection at Lowe’s. 

Violence or Peace

I had the random idea to put this series of posters together. When you take the guns, knives, weapons out of peoples hands they are just objects that do nothing. When they are in the hands of humans is when they shift from being objects to being emotions, extensions of how we feel. Anger, hatred, and rage transfers through them creating devastation. With this series, I took the human out of the equation and just displayed the weapon. I wanted the viewer to look at them and tell me how they interpreted the piece, do you see war, do you see violence, do you see peace, or do you see nothing?

Holiday Collection Catalog

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This is a catalog that I put together showcasing the Holiday Collection line from P. Allen Smith and the Berry Family of Nurseries. These will be for sale on http://www.homedepot.com and in Home Depot stores.