New Orleans

When you live within a 6 hour drive from New Orleans you can’t help but go visit. I love walking around that city and taking shots of the local spots, the people you encounter are one of a kind.


4 thoughts on “New Orleans

  1. I’m from Houston and I’ve never been! What are some of the best places to go/see? I really want to check it out because flights are so inexpensive!

    P.S. Awesome blog you’ve got here!


    1. Hi Kay,

      Thanks for the compliment! You haven’t been yet, pack up now and goooooo! There are so many places to see in NO, the most common would be the French Quarter and anything on Bourbon Street, just make sure you don’t stroll too far cause it gets kinda freaky. You definitely should stop by Cafe du Monde and pick up a beignet, it’s a must have for the sweet tooth in all of us. If you stroll a little past the Cafe you will find a great farmers market…I love those things. Also, if you are into architecture, you should check out the St. Louis Cathedral. The last thing I would definitely recommend is going to the Jazz Preservation Hall, it is a small music venue but they atmosphere is amazing and the music is incredible. If you enjoy listening to jazz, that is the place to go. I could go on and on about where to go but you will find things easily while you are there. They have a lot of small art galleries, street artists, street performers, gift shops and dang near every restaurant there is good. I hope this helped and have a great time!

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