BFN Branding Revisted


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So here it is again. I had to finish up the concept of the new look for the Berry Family of Nurseries today…I had to put all of this together today…my brain is fried now. Here are some PPT slides, plant tags and pots, hanging plant tags, a few website pages, letterhead, business card, envelope and tags for Top Hat blueberries.


Garden Home Style Volume 2

PAS Spring eMag 2013 cover


Volume 2 of P. Allen Smith’s style magazine. I’m starting to really enjoy putting together online magazines.

Wedding Invites

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (2) photo 3 (1)

I recently worked on some wedding invites for some friends of mine. They are outdoorsy and outgoing people who love rafting and camping. I wanted to capture their personalities in the invite. Also, I wanted to take it a little further than the typical invite so I made it into a pop-up card. The sides of the cover are torn to give it a more organic feel/look to the invites. I did the RSVP cards and Map but I didn’t include that in the pictures above. They will be having ball jar glasses for serving, which will fit in nicely with the theme. This is probably one of the best/most satisfying thing I have ever put together…I hope they have a great wedding and a happy life together.

Headshot Before and After

I did a little photo shoot of my brothers friend. He needed a headshot done really quick…you know the last minute hey can you do this for me requests. I took some shots in the hallway of my house since I had no time to set anything up. Here is an after and before shot of the one I thought brought out his personality most. I had the SNL look in my head when editing this.

josh2 with sig DSC_0350

BFN Stationary and Plant Tag Samples

Stationary and Tag 1Stationary and Tag 2

I was asked to put together some stationary and plant tags for The Berry Family of Nurseries. Here are 2 out of the 5 I put together. These types of projects are fun but really frustrating sometimes.