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Cruisin’ to Cozymel


My name is Kevin, I am a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator and auto enthusiast. I am more of a print artist but recently I have been experimenting with web and mobile design. I enjoy life and what it has brought me throughout the years…the things I draw inspiration from. Currently I work as an Art Director and Graphic Designer for P. Allen Smith. In my free time when I am not doing freelance I like to travel and cook with my lady. I also find myself reading WWII aviation history and books/articles/blogs on the latest gadgets and trends in the design industry.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi John, you can email me at daone43@mac.com. The gallery it will be presented in is Galerie 66, 54 Avenue De La Mott-Piquet, Paris France 75015. I am not sure the exact time or any other details yet since they haven’t been released.

  2. Hello Kevin…I hope this message finds you in good spirits. My name is Nelson Berroa and I work for Soul of the South Television here in Little Rock. I told a friend that we were looking for a full time Web Master and she referred me to you. Please let me know if you or anyone that you know that’s a talented web master, is interested in the position. You can reach me at 501 251 1800 x2002 or nberroa@ssn.tv. Thank you and have a great weekend!

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