I finally have my website up and running! It took years and a gazillion revisions, but it is now ready for your viewing pleasure!

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3 Fourteen Tech Collective

Some friends of mine and I stared a Tech/Media Coop. If you are in need of some great designs at a good price then come check us out here!

Cover Shot



I was asked to portray an overworked attorney for a photoshoot we were doing. This was for a pub I design for called Arkansas Times, they were writing an article that needed a photograph. It ended up being the cover story. I had no idea what I was doing.


NLRSD Report Booklet

Here is a report that I put together for the North Little Rock School District. I wanted it to have a simple design with an academic feel to it. This was a 3 day project.

2014 NLRSD Report


I had the privilege to design the programs, banners, posters and passes for the Little Rock Film Festival. Here I am cheezin’ next to one of the banners….It feels good to see your own work out on the streets.


T-shirt Illustrations

I was asked to do some animal illustrations for a client of mine. I thought it would be nice to illustrate the animals on her farm then sign the art with the animals name.Shirt Illustrations Ferdianand and HennyPenny Shirts cococalf snowbell