Little Fox Foods

A local farm here in Arkansas started a worker owned co-op that is sharing food with the community and will be providing produce to the local markets here. I was asked to create a logo for them and this is what I came up with. The top logo is the one they used. Check them out here!

little fox foods logoLITTLE fox foods logo samples

Arkansas Times

I was asked to illustrate the cover of the Arkansas Times. This is what I came up with to represent the recent republican sweep.

T-shirt Illustrations

I was asked to do some animal illustrations for a client of mine. I thought it would be nice to illustrate the animals on her farm then sign the art with the animals name.Shirt Illustrations Ferdianand and HennyPenny Shirts cococalf snowbell

Wedding Invites

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (2) photo 3 (1)

I recently worked on some wedding invites for some friends of mine. They are outdoorsy and outgoing people who love rafting and camping. I wanted to capture their personalities in the invite. Also, I wanted to take it a little further than the typical invite so I made it into a pop-up card. The sides of the cover are torn to give it a more organic feel/look to the invites. I did the RSVP cards and Map but I didn’t include that in the pictures above. They will be having ball jar glasses for serving, which will fit in nicely with the theme. This is probably one of the best/most satisfying thing I have ever put together…I hope they have a great wedding and a happy life together.

Self Promotion

The ad that I put in the HSDFF playbill…self promotion 🙂

Violence or Peace

I had the random idea to put this series of posters together. When you take the guns, knives, weapons out of peoples hands they are just objects that do nothing. When they are in the hands of humans is when they shift from being objects to being emotions, extensions of how we feel. Anger, hatred, and rage transfers through them creating devastation. With this series, I took the human out of the equation and just displayed the weapon. I wanted the viewer to look at them and tell me how they interpreted the piece, do you see war, do you see violence, do you see peace, or do you see nothing?

Squash Sketch

Sketch I drew and colored in Illustrator then used Photoshop to put in the details and shading. I am thinking of doing a series of these and putting them in my kitchen.

PAS Classics Intro

This was an illustration I did for some of our PAS Classics videos on YouTube. This was used as the intro to the videos.

check one of the vids out here:

Dia de los Muertos

This was a digital sketch I did as a gift for my brother. I created the base in illustrator then brought it into photoshop to add depth.