eZine app icon sample



A quick put together of the app icon for the PAS eZine that will soon be available on iPad and iPhone.


Production Crew Badge

Here’s a little lanyard badge I made for our production team. Maybe this will get them in the door 😉

IGC 2012

This year Allen participated in IGC 2012 that was held in Chicago. These pieces are samples of the name tags and schedule that I came up with.

Gardening Cards

Last year we decided to come out with some card decks for rose gardening, veggie and herb gardening, and bulb gardening. I designed the look of the entire package and was even asked to do the little photoshoot setup. These were broken down by region and type and are also color coded per season. Also, the veggies and herbs deck had recipes for each card so you could cook up some good homemade foods. These are available at almost every bookstore or online.

Tale Of Two Farms

Every year P. Allen Smith hosts a party called the Tale of Two Farms. There are usually about 150 people that show up and enjoy some good food, good music, and an engaging tour of his house and gardens. I usually design the menu’s, name badges, table signage, banners, and whatever else that needs to be put together. Here are two ideas I came up with for the menu. The menu with the twine holding the silverware and napkin is what they ended up using. I really enjoy the projects that you have to think about function along with visual aesthetics.

Self Promotion

The ad that I put in the HSDFF playbill…self promotion 🙂

Holiday Collection at Lowe’s


It is a great feeling when you see your work in public. This was a banner I created for the Holiday Collection at Lowe’s. 

Holiday Collection Catalog

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This is a catalog that I put together showcasing the Holiday Collection line from P. Allen Smith and the Berry Family of Nurseries. These will be for sale on http://www.homedepot.com and in Home Depot stores.

Thank You!

I just wanted to give a big Thank You to those that have started following my blog, liked my posts, and made comments. It is a great feeling when there are people out there that take the time out of their day to stop, read, and enjoy/appreciate my work. I have been really busy lately with trying to get all the materials designed and printed in time for the annual Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival coming up this Friday, October 12. I will post some of my work with that and hopefully I can get some photos of the event while I’m there. Again, thanks for your time, love and support.

HSDFF Playbill

I’ve been doing some pro bono work for the Hot Spring Documentary Film Festival the past week. I am working on posters, playbill, ad’s and more. It’s crunch time trying to get the playbill finished but it’s coming along. What you see is the front of the Playbill. This is also what the posters looked like. Oh yeah, they’re getting some t-shirt designs outta me too. It’s a lot of work in such little time but the recognition I get from this will be so worth it.