Sante Fe Poster

A little poster I made for my fiancee. 1483978_10153644707835002_454890941_o


Staff Pick Posters for the Library

Here are two posters I just created for my librarian fiancee. They will be put up for the staff picks of books and DVD’s. I love doing these things.

staff picks dvd sign staff picks books sign bigger copy

Violence or Peace

I had the random idea to put this series of posters together. When you take the guns, knives, weapons out of peoples hands they are just objects that do nothing. When they are in the hands of humans is when they shift from being objects to being emotions, extensions of how we feel. Anger, hatred, and rage transfers through them creating devastation. With this series, I took the human out of the equation and just displayed the weapon. I wanted the viewer to look at them and tell me how they interpreted the piece, do you see war, do you see violence, do you see peace, or do you see nothing?

HSDFF Playbill

I’ve been doing some pro bono work for the Hot Spring Documentary Film Festival the past week. I am working on posters, playbill, ad’s and more. It’s crunch time trying to get the playbill finished but it’s coming along. What you see is the front of the Playbill. This is also what the posters looked like. Oh yeah, they’re getting some t-shirt designs outta me too. It’s a lot of work in such little time but the recognition I get from this will be so worth it.

Be Here

I had a little free time at work so I put this together…wishing I was at that place.