T-shirt Illustrations

I was asked to do some animal illustrations for a client of mine. I thought it would be nice to illustrate the animals on her farm then sign the art with the animals name.Shirt Illustrations Ferdianand and HennyPenny Shirts cococalf snowbell


HSDFF Playbill

I’ve been doing some pro bono work for the Hot Spring Documentary Film Festival the past week. I am working on posters, playbill, ad’s and more. It’s crunch time trying to get the playbill finished but it’s coming along. What you see is the front of the Playbill. This is also what the posters looked like. Oh yeah, they’re getting some t-shirt designs outta me too. It’s a lot of work in such little time but the recognition I get from this will be so worth it.

Bomb Shirt

This was one of my first t-shirt ideas for threadless. It didn’t make it 😦