P. Allen Smith Product Packaging Mock-ups


DSC_0201 DSC_0202 DSC_0205 DSC_0006


I was asked to come up with some packaging and labels for sauces, recipe cards, dry rubs, and meal kits.


Tale Of Two Farms

Every year P. Allen Smith hosts a party called the Tale of Two Farms. There are usually about 150 people that show up and enjoy some good food, good music, and an engaging tour of his house and gardens. I usually design the menu’s, name badges, table signage, banners, and whatever else that needs to be put together. Here are two ideas I came up with for the menu. The menu with the twine holding the silverware and napkin is what they ended up using. I really enjoy the projects that you have to think about function along with visual aesthetics.

Boca Burger, Beans & Greens

We decided to make some good ol southern food. Turnip and mustard greens, black beans, rice, veggie bacon, boca burgers, green peppers and jalapeños from our garden, potatoes and corn…Sunday couldn’t be any better.