Garden Home Style Volume 2

PAS Spring eMag 2013 cover


Volume 2 of P. Allen Smith’s style magazine. I’m starting to really enjoy putting together online magazines.


Hot Springs

So I finally made it to Hot Springs to catch a few films during the festival. Hot Spring has some of the best old architecture around here. The town is small but the warm feeling you get when you are there is huge. The festival was hosted by the Arlington hotel, this hotel was the hot spot for mobsters and celebrities. Al Capone even rented out the entire top floor when he came to town.  After walking around town through bathhouse row, my brother and I hit up the promenade and then drove up the windy road to the overlook tower. Some of the shots look like we are flying through the trees but really we were only doing about 20 in his little Fiat 500. It was a great day of movies, food, and road trippin’ through nature. You’ll also see me cheesing in on of the photos, I was standing next to the smaller version of the poster I designed for the festival. I love how someone clumped the other posters together then put mine all by itself under the “what if” It was a good day and a good time.

On a boat headed to Cozymel and Yucatan

The first cruise I have ever been on, it was fun but not sure if I’ll do it again. There were too many people in a cramped area…I like my space, and I like to be on my own time schedule. I think next time we will fly.

New Orleans

When you live within a 6 hour drive from New Orleans you can’t help but go visit. I love walking around that city and taking shots of the local spots, the people you encounter are one of a kind.